We Offer Wide Range of Services

At Firmcare Diagnostics, we provide a broad menu of over 3200 routine and specialized tests that help predict, diagnose and monitor diseases. These tests range from basic tests, such as glucose testing for diabetes, to the more complex molecular biology tests, PCR for HIV, Hepatitis and the new highly specific test for DNA paternity testing.

We Pay Attention to Quality

Firmcare Diagnostics is committed to providing the highest quality laboratory testing. In order to achieve this, we make significant investment in Quality Assurance designed to ensure maintenance of highest standards in all aspects of laboratory services on a day to day basis.

We are trusted

Firmcare diagnostics provides a broad menu of over 3200 routine and specialized tests at affordable prices with great turn around time. We are a team of experienced pathologists, laboratory scientists and care managers.

Culture of Excellence
at Firmcare


Our screening programs provides proactive screening and early identification for a number of chronic conditions to support wellness initiatives and provide better understanding for our members current health and future risks.