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Laboratory Services

Firmcare’s range of laboratory services covers a wide field of clinical laboratory investigations.

Our pathology departments





Histology & Cytology

Clinical Chemistry

Molecular Biology

Microbiology & Parasitology

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

Available Services Include: DNA Paternity testing, Toxicology/ Drug Abuse Tests, oncology testing, Nutritional studies, Viral Load Monitoring for HBV, HCV & HIV

Ultrasound Scans

Our state of the art ultrasound facility performs all types of ultrasound scans that range from simple scans to advanced and specialised Doppler scans. Our facility is family friendly and our 4D ultrasound studio provides world class baby pictures and video for your baby album. We offer all types of scans including Obstetrics, Trans-vaginal, Follicular tracking, Prostate, Regional doppler etc. 3D scans show still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. 4D scans show moving 3D images of your baby.

Healthcare Screening Packages

When you are sick, you feel terrible, you have no choice than to think of your health, you adhere strictly to the physician’s advice just so you get better. What if you can reduce your chances of falling sick in the first place? What if that chronic disease was detected early enough?
Regular screenings & health checks against most illnesses can help you lead a long, healthy and happy life.
At Firmcare Diagnostics, we advocate preventive healthcare measures. This is why our team of medical doctors and scientists have carefully selected a series of tests to help you access your health status. Health checks if done regularly, can help to find disease early, even before the symptoms set in. This increases your chances for treatment and better cure.

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