Firmcare Advantage

The Firmcare Advantage is a Laboratory Support Service aimed at adding value to your practice. This programme avails our partners the opportunity to order from simple to advanced tests which can be done irrespective of your laboratory capacity.

The Firmcare team helps to build capacity that enhances excellent collection, storage and shipping of samples. This is very important due to the highly specialized nature of the tests The Firmcare Advantage adopts a four pronged approach aimed at providing solutions to the challenges of laboratory services in healthcare delivery. They include Advance testing, Improved Capacity, Patient convenience, increased earnings

Advanced Testing

Due to the highly specialized nature of these tests, the Firmcare team is available to help build capacity that would enable excellent collection, storage and shipping of samples. With Firmcare you are able to do MORE.

Increased Efficiency

The Firmcare Advantage reduces additional costs and overheads on a field that isn’t your core. Physicians are able to do more for patients and the good news of exceptional service availability at your facility will increase patient flow thereby increasing efficiency for your facility.

Patient Convenience

We understand that patients are the center of your universe. That is why our processes ensure more convenience for you and your patients. With the Firmcare Advantage you don’t have to send your patients out to laboratories to run tests, all you have to do is take the samples and call us up to pick them and results are sent to you via our technology platforms.

Improved practice

When you design a practice around collaborations, you can step off the productivity treadmill and focus on excellent patient care. With the Firmcare Advantage, healthcare providers are able to offer much more tests in their facilities within acceptable turnaround time.

How It Works

This is as simple as ABC after registration


Fill the request forms properly and


Collect samples in the right bottles


Call the FIRMCARE sample pick-up lines to notify us about a pick up

Who Is It Designed For?

This service is designed for:

  • Physicians
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Public and Private Medical Centres
  • Referring Clinical Laboratory
  • Medical Non-Governmental Organizations etc.

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