Physicians & Hospitals

With Firmcare diagnostics, the accuracy of your lab results is guaranteed and we assure you of the same results at our labs as you would at any leading accredited lab anywhere in the world.

We pride ourselves in being a Diagnostic centre for the modern physician with forward thinking practices.

Laboratory services

Our pathology departments

Firmcare’s range of laboratory services covers a wide field of clinical laboratory investigations.





Histology & Cytology

Clinical Chemistry

Molecular Biology

Microbiology & Parasitology

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

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We provide a broad menu of over 3200 routine and specialized laboratory tests that help predict, diagnose, and monitor diseases.

Ultrasound Scans

Our state of the art ultrasound facility performs all types of ultrasound scans that range from simple scans to advanced and specialised Doppler scans. Our facility is family friendly and our 4D ultrasound studio provides world class baby pictures and video for your baby album. We offer all types of scans including Obstetrics, Trans-vaginal, Follicular tracking, Prostate, Regional doppler etc. 3D scans show still pictures of your baby in three dimensions. 4D scans show moving 3D images of your baby.

Firmcare Advantage

The Firmcare Advantage is a Laboratory Support Service aimed at adding value to your practice. This programme avails our partners the opportunity to order from simple to advanced tests which can be done irrespective of your laboratory capacity. The Firmcare team helps to build capacity that enhances excellent collection, storage and shipping of samples. This is very important due to the highly specialized nature of the tests The Firmcare Advantage adopts a four pronged approach aimed at providing solutions to the challenges of laboratory services in healthcare delivery. They include Advance testing, Improved Capacity, Patient convenience, increased earnings

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