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Organisations will achieve their set goals in areas of healthcare of staff in order to reduce ill health in the workplace though a third party administration. We are a leading provider of programs aimed at conducting health checks on clients and staff, promoting wellness and the prevention of disease



Pre-employment Screening

We provide various testing and health management packages that aid employee hiring and management.

Staff Health & Wellness Management

We are a leading provider of programs aimed at promoting wellness and the prevention of disease. By conducting health assessments for common conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, we enable people to manage their health better.

School Staff Wellness Programme

We help school management improve the health of their staff, through regular medical screening, health awareness talks, capacity building and policy design and implementation so as to reduce ill health in the workplace.

Food Handlers Test

We conduct screening tests for staff that work in kitchens or areas where food is processed, prepared and packaged. This helps to reduce contamination and transmission of disease.

Request Sample Pick up / home collection

Don’t fret if you cannot come to our facility, we offer onsite health screening service. We come to your location with our team to take necessary body samples for processing and analysis.

Health Management Organisations

We know you are dedicated to improving patient care coverage, cost containment and ensuring quality health outcomes. The health of your enrollees depend on accurate diagnosis of disease and the implementation of the right interventions. We offer an extensive menu of tests at affordable prices that range from routine to highly specialized tests. At Firmcare Diagnostics, we continuously develop new solutions that will help you find the insights you need to meet your goals. Our aim is to help you:
  • Manage costs
  • Improve Quality Outcomes
  • Increase Appreciation by Enrollees

Medical Research & Academia

Our services include clinical trials for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturing companies. We provide laboratory services to experts undergoing residency training, masters or PhD programmes etc. Some benefits of working with us include the following:
  • Reporting in format of your choice
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Accurate, precise results

Life Insurance

We are the leading provider of medical certification services in the life insurance industry. We are experienced and skilled in undertaking medicals for life insurance policy holders. Our services span across renewal or updating health records of policy holders. Our aim is to help you achieve excellent risk assessment by providing the following:
  • Reliable results
  • Swift Turnaround Time
  • Affordable Costs

Book for a Test Today

We provide a broad menu of over 3200 routine and specialized laboratory tests that help predict, diagnose, and monitor diseases.

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