Personal Health Assessment (PHA)

In today’s busy world, health assessments offer a chance to take stock of your health and wellbeing. They give a clear picture of your current health status with guidance on how to move it in the right direction.

Personal Health Assessment (PHA), is a comprehensive health check designed by Firmcare to give you an overall picture of your current state of health.

Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is a confidential assessment that can help determine your potential health risks and empower you to take charge of your health and well-being.

Unhealthy lifestyles, inadequate rest, work-related stress, unhealthy eating habits, high levels of pollution, etc have all contributed to the overall ill-health of individuals.


Personal Health Assessment (PHA) allows you to take charge of your health, you are too smart to assume.

Personal Health Assessment (PHA) helps your doctor or employer to determine the general status of your health.

Personal Health Assessment (PHA) also gives you a chance to talk to us about any ongoing pain or symptoms that you're experiencing or any other health concerns that you might.

The primary purpose of Personal Health Assessment (PHA) screening tests is to detect early disease or risk factors for disease in large numbers of apparently healthy individuals.

PHA help find problems early on when they may be easier to treat.

PHA is a comprehensive tool to help you understand your personal health, therefore understanding yourself better, which helps point out things in your lifestyle you should look to adapt in order to benefit your wellbeing.

PHA can point out potential problems with your health that may otherwise go unnoticed for extended periods of time. The sooner problems are identified, the better the chance of a proper recovery.

An assessment can help you learn more about hereditary health concerns and understand how they may (or may not) affect you, now or in the future, which can again, help you understand the steps to fighting this health concern off, or help you cut out the stress of wondering about hereditary health concerns all together

Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is an all-round assessment. This means many parts of the body are assessed, as opposed to having to book in separate tests for each body part – consequently saving you money and time. This helps, as your body is always changing.

Timely assessments can help you understand how and why parts of your wellbeing are changing, and assessments can be altered to suit your body in its current state.


  • We give a holistic medical report by a trained physician.
  • We don’t just handover the results to you, we offer free result interpretation, consultation and expert advice.


  • Adult males
  • Adult females
  • Corporate organization
    • Personal Health Assessments provide employers with important information that can help them build results-oriented health promotion programs.
    • PHA helps in optimizing the health of employers’ most precious assets – their human capital.
  • Celebrate your most performing staff with Firmcare’s PHA
  • Gift yourself annually with a Firmcare’s PHA