Domestic Staff Screening

In today’s busy world, we have realized the need for help in taking good care of their homes. To get appropriate help, we employ the services of domestic workers. These are individuals hired to work within private homes to clean, cook, provide care to children, the elderly, or disabled individuals. They include stewards, cooks, house helps, gardeners, nannies, babysitters etc. Their jobs involve close contact with members of the family.

However, because of the contact domestic staff has with the members of the family, screening their health becomes paramount.

Firmcare’s Domestic Staff Screening tests provide you with necessary information you require to ensure that your domestic help has a clean bill of health before they become part of the household. This very affordable and cost effective package ensures that while these needed staff carry out their duties in your homes, the health of your loved ones are not placed under undue risks.

This screening can be done as part of the initial pre-employment requirements, to test both their fitness for work as well as for possible medical risk factors they may pose to your family.

These tests are carried out at our facility, however, we also offer home service for convenience and bridging the gap for busy employers.